Nielsen global connect, a division of Romania Phone Number nielsen. Holdings, unveiled a new suite of shopper marketing tools that adapts extreme reality and gaming technology. For its in-store shopper marketing program in the u.s., the company announced in a press release. The new virtual suite includes three tools: nielsen smartstore, nielsen Romania Phone Number smartshelf and nielsen smartshopper. Nielsen. Smartstore is a virtual reality (vr) tool that lets cpgs and retailers test in-store shopping simulations in. A 3d virtual store environment using a 360-degree controller, headset tracking, realistic graphics, directional audio. And hd haptic feedback. Nielsen smartshelf uses 3d virtual simulation software in partnership. With incontext solutions so marketers can test aisle, category and shelf scenarios. Nielsen. Smartshopper, which will be available in july, is an augmented reality (ar) smartphone tool that uses

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So in-store shoppers can explore product. Images, in-store marketing artwork and seasonal or special event concepts. Building a tiktok strategy that’s. Right for your brand discover how to optimize your content strategy for the biggest impact on the platform. That is quickly becoming an essential channel for many brands. Learn more dive insight: with its Romania Phone Number new. Suite of tools, nielsen wants to enable brands to dramatically increase the speed at which they test new concepts. While reducing the cost by providing a way to get consumer feedback in a safe environment as they look. To better understand shoppers’ quickly changing needs. Therefore,  The shopping landscape was already evolving. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit as brick-and-mortar retail struggled to drive in-store traffic as a result. Of online browsing and purchasing’s popularity. The health crisis appears to have hit the fast forward button.

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Giving a boost to the adoption. Therefore, of digital Romania Phone Number experiences overall. Leveraging tech like 3d imaging and virtual simulations for shopping marketing could appeal to cpgs right now as. Therefore, companies continue to limit in-person activities. By adopting extreme reality and gaming tech for in-store shopper marketing programs, cpgs and retailers can do more advanced concepting for shelf layouts, point-of-sale designs, promotional displays Romania Phone Number and whole store redesigns. The new tool suite lets marketers track beyond eye movements, tracking shopper head and foot movements as well as see 3d heat maps of a. Therefore, store, shelf or aisle. These simulations are designed to emulate realistic first-person actions so retailers and brands can create marketing programs based on real shoppers’ behaviors. Marketers can use. Therefore, the tool’s “playback” function to review in-store shopper journeys and identify actions for review.

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