We suggest starting with a 10% discount (or whatever you’ve done in the past that has worked well for your business). Use a discount prefix that tells you where Yahoo Email List people got the code (so “cart10” is cart 10%, “welcome10” is welcome popup 10% off, etc). This way you Yahoo Email List can track how each discount campaign is performing under your Discounts tab. Now that you’ve created Yahoo Email List your discount campaign you need to create a form to deliver the discount. Go to Forms > List Builder > Forms > Create New Form.

It’s Economical and it Gets Results

Set your Design to Sumo’s Impress template (or pick your own template and customize it to match your brand’s style). Screenshot showing Sumo popup Yahoo Email List settings 6. On your Success Popup (the popup people see after entering their email) add a new Discount Code widget and Yahoo Email List Assign a Discount to it.

This automatically generates a unique Yahoo Email List discount code for every person. Who signs up for your offer and shows it to them after they opt in with their email address. Screenshot showing Sumo popup 7. Set your Visibility to Manual Mode and set it up for when the User Leaves. Add Yahoo Email List two rules to show the popup on your /cart page and /checkouts page (or whatever the shopping cart Yahoo Email List pages are for your store). Screenshot showing sumo settings Golden Nugget: Make sure you also add a Show rule for Cookie named cart exists.

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