More upgrades to Sumo’s new email marketing product are here! These upgrades are included in your Sumo account at no extra cost. If you don’t have a free Sumo account yet, sign up here. We made three big upgrades this month: #1 – IMPROVED SUMO email lists for doctors DASHBOARD. Screenshot showing email lists for doctors updated Sumo dashboard The new Sumo Dashboard makes it easier for you to see your email and revenue results. Your email data (open rate and click rate) will display if you’ve sent emails inside Sumo. Your revenue data will email lists for doctors show if you run an ecommerce store (Shopify or Woo Commerce) and have it connected to Sumo.

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Plus, after you send an email, you’ll now see an activity stream of whether your subscribers opened. Clicked or unsubscribed from the email you sent. Screenshot showing Sumo email activity stream Track your Email Marketing Performance for free Already have Sumo? Check out the New email lists for doctors  Dashboard. Screenshot showing Sumo saved email templates Want to reuse a recent email design? No problem. You can now save your email templates, and pick them when creating a new email. Plus, you can edit the template and re-save if you change the design in the future. Save your own Email Templates for free Already have Sumo?

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Check out the New Email email lists for doctors Templates. #3 – GROUP UPDATES Screenshot showing Sumo Groups Groups are like lists. You add contacts to a Group so you can send to one to our . Now you can: Add subscribers to a Group easily from the Contacts screen. Here’s an email lists for doctors example where we added subscribers who signed up to get updates on our Shopify case study to a. email lists for doctors Shopify Case Study group so we could send them new updates on the case study. Screenshot showing adding contacts to a Sumo Group Auto-send form subscribers into a Group.

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