Of the top 1,000 non-political ads identified as. Favorites India Phone Number by consumers released in the past 60 days, 331 were identified as favorites by both democrats. And republicans, according to ace metrix. Though most of the agreement came on ads that contained little-to-no. Social messaging, a few purpose-driven themes, such as covid-19 and supporting small. Businesses, found favor on both sides of the aisle. However, two that contained provocative messaging — petsmart’s “make. A friend” and secret’s “risk it all” — outperformed their category norms among consumers. From both party affiliations. The findings suggest that brands that want to speak out can do so. three topics considered to be contentious in today’s political climate, the ad scored above personal care industry norms among

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By the perceived differences in attitudes and beliefs, per. Ace metrix. Dive insight: ace metrix’s findings should encourage brands concerned that messages. Appealing to consumers of one political affiliation will automatically turn off consumers from the India Phone Number other side. Further making a case for unity: there was very little overlap among the highest-scoring ads from consumers. Affiliated with one party and the lowest-scoring ads from the opposing party. “politics aside, there’s a lot. More commonality between the two parties than you might think,” read a post on the company’s blog analyzing. The findings. “marketers and consumers should be inspired to see unity across the political spectrum, even. With ads that might stereotypically assume favors one ideology over another.” indeed, it is only when an

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Political that it tends to turn off consumers, ace India Phone Number metrix found. In a previous analysis of election-themed ads, those promoting voter turnout were particularly polarizing, even when the messages were non-partisan. Meanwhile, messaging in support of black lives matter also proved divisive, with republicans scoring nine. However, of the 12 blm-themed ads tested in the past 60 days unfavorably. However, even within the party ranks, there was India Phone Number some disagreement about the messaging.  Secret’s “risk it all” ad, which touches on. However, covid-19, female empowerment and racial injustice, however, seems to be the exception that proves the rule. Despite two of those

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