For a virtual education , where the interaction between student and teacher is not present. Causing inconveniences or setbacks in the learning process. This is partly due to the strong roots that traditional education has in society. In certain regions or countries. Not everyone has access to the necessary technology for this type of education. Which makes it an unfeasible method in areas where there is a lack of technology. The demand, both for students and for teachers, is much greater within virtual education. Since both parties require discipline, organizational skills. And knowledge about managing technology. And to these disadvantages we also have to add. That the teacher must have the ability to impart knowledge efficiently without being present. While, on the other hand, students must have the ability. To internalize the knowledge acquired without having to have the presence of a teacher.

4 tips to get the most out of virtual teaching Now that you have a better idea of ​​what it is and what its advantages and disadvantages are, I am going to show you some tips that will help you get the most out of virtual teaching. 1. Choose the right platforms to teach Virtual teaching strongly depends on the platforms that are used . These are the ones that allow teachers to educate effectively through the Internet. Now, there are hundreds of platforms and tools on the Internet that can help you teach virtually. But not all of them are for you. You have to think carefully about which platforms are best suited to you and what you want to teach. Depending on what you want to teach.

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Mainly, the following: An efficient communication Algeria phone number channel that allows you to interact. With your students in the way you need. A platform that helps you evaluate the progress of your students , in an organized and systematic way for better management of your time, and that of your students. Direct communication channels that allow your students to ask questions and solve their doubts in real time. In itself, these three factors are enough to start, and luckily, today there are quite complete platforms that include these and many more features that will help you create efficient virtual classrooms, without limiting the interactions between you and your students. 2. Manage your time and make a schedule Although it may not seem like it, making a schedule can make a huge difference between succeeding or failing in virtual teaching.

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A schedule will allow you to organize your time more efficiently , while helping students to have better control of their schedules and to have greater discipline during classes. EYE You don’t have to use traditional schedules. You can create your own schedules according to your needs, but you do need to be in control of your time. Tools like the Google calendar, or similar, will help you create interactive schedules with which you can even schedule classes with your students. Similarly, be sure to set limits for your students. Virtual classes are not synonymous with delivering jobs whenever they want, or attending classes whenever they like. And delimited within an academic calendar. 3. Make the most of your resources In the first point I told you how choosing the right tools will help you organize your “virtual classroom” better. But this will only happen if you use your resources properly.

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These tools will be of no use to you if you do not use them as you should There are people who use their resources only initially, and end up abandoning some of them over time, making the process of learning and teacher-student interaction a disaster. Create processes that both you and your students must follow. Processes that help you implement the teaching method you are using efficiently , without losing control of your students and their progress. In a way, it’s like creating a routine . Only in this case, the routine includes the processes that your students must follow to complete the activities, as well as the processes that you must follow to evaluate their progress, and grade them. Create a series of processes or steps that guide your class, and don’t let go unless it isn’t working for you.

Theory is good, but practice is better Although virtual teaching makes strong use of the theoretical section of education, we cannot ignore the practice . There are many ways to do it. Some of them are: Use or show practical examples that reflect the theory. Interactive classes where students also expose their ideas and actively participate. Encourage the creation of practical projects throughout the course, where they implement the knowledge that is acquired as the course progresses. Learn how to create a foolproof marketing strategy. In this GUIDE we share the keys you need! Now it’s your turn to apply virtual teaching in your classes This is a great way to help students internalize knowledge, while making sure you keep them interested in the class.

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