Screenshot showing a Messenger adresse mail en suisse conversation Note. I set up the Welcome Mat at the end of week four. To this day, there are just three people on the list. Growing the adresse mail en suisse email list will come later when I drive traffic to my site from other marketing channels. SETTING adresse mail en suisse UP MY SOCIAL MEDIA I chose to go with Instagram, Facebook, adresse mail en suisse and Twitter as these are the main social networks of my target audience. As I’m my own target audience and build the perfect

Reasons Why Your List

Customer avatar based on my personal preferences I picked my top 3 social networks. Instagram I wanted to keep my Instagram page simple and not too salesy by promoting my backpacks all the time. That said, I decided to do four kinds of posts on my adresse mail en suisse Motivational quotes Re-posts of great images I like Promote my products In week two I created a perfect customer avatar based on my personal preferences. So coming up with content themes was easy for me, because I know what kind of posts I like. I started by writing an Instagram bio: Screenshot showing an Instagram profile

Is Still Your Greatest Asset

And uploaded six posts: Screenshot showing Instagram posts Obviously not the most perfect Instagram feed, but I just started. Facebook My personal user behavior on Facebook changed in the last years. It went from engaging with friends on each other’s timelines to passively consuming information. I use Facebook primarily for three reasons: Facebook Messenger Facebook groups Wasting time Two out of the three points above are pretty useless for my marketing. Facebook groups, however, could be something really interesting. I could approach this two ways: Build a brand community which lets all my

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