For starters, don’t get excited about every reflector and LED light that comes your way. Try to keep the assembly simple. Once you get used to the camera, you can try different lighting tactics in your photo shoots. Desk The ideal is a standard folding table. Look for one that is between 24 and 27 inches (61 and 60 cm) wide. White background White backgrounds for your photo sessions admit many variants. If your intention is to take a lot of different photos, consider purchasing a white paper sweep, also known as an infinity background. White background Source: Pixc Infinity backdrops are large rolls of paper used to create a white or colored background. If the paper gets dirty, simply trim off the dirty end and unroll a clean end.

As an alternative method, you can use cardboard, an inexpensive material that you can get at any store or buy online. foam board foam board In product photography there is always a shadow face. Normally it is very dark and does not allow to achieve a good image. To lighten this area, you can place a white foam board plate that projects light against the shadow and illuminates it. Clamps or duct tape If you’re shooting on a table, you’ll need tape or clamps to hold the foamboard and wipe down and keep them from moving. Clamps or duct tape Source: Pixc How to photograph jewelry for your online store? Once you have your equipment, let’s discover how to photograph your jewelry and prepare it for your ecommerce store.

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Discover the ideal place to set up your photographic India phone number studio. If you have a window nearby, position the table at 90 degrees to its left or right. The closer you are to the window, the softer the light will be. Once you have the table in place, you will need to install the sweep. There are different ways to do it; Ideally, the sweep should be in a vertical position. set up the table If there is a wall, the sweep can be taped . If not, you will need to prepare something to support its back. For example, you can use a block or a block of wood, a brick can also work. Place the tripod in front of that mount. If you are using a smartphone with a not very high tripod, make a place on the sweep and support it there.

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The space for your jewelry should be enough if you use the conventional table suggested above. Place the lighting If you are going to photograph with natural light, the lighting is already ready. But if you are going to use artificial light, the preparation is a little different. Place a light source and to blur use a softbox or an umbrella forming an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the product. In this way, you will achieve a soft and even lighting . Position the camera directly in front of the jewelry. If your product is located near the bottom of your sweep, you may notice some shadow. Bring the product a little closer to achieve a pure white background. Place the lighting. Stylize your jewelry If you are just beginning to photograph jewelry, you will most likely do so with a white background. No problem.

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Now, remember that it is not the only option. If you want your photos to take center stage, we recommend that you place your jewelry on a decorative background, for example: marble backgrounds Simple Textured Backgrounds Ring holders or displays Combined photos along with other jewelry The style has to do with the way of presenting the products. There is no single way to do it. It is better to start with something simple and gradually incorporate and experiment with different elements. Prepare your jewelry Put like that, it seems obvious, right? Naturally, the jewelry must be clean and polished. The challenge lies in how accurately a DSLR camera captures and pre-arranging proper lighting.

The final image will be several times larger than the actual size of the jewel. Details not visible to the naked eye are revealed when the photo is taken. Clean the jewelry every time you touch it. If you use cotton gloves, you will save time and repetitions of the shots. prepare your jewelry After you have polished your jewelry, place it centered on the flat part of the sweep. Leave some wiggle room to be able to insert the white reflective card next. Prepare your camera Avoid low aperture art photos of your jewelry as they will only focus on part of the product. If your photographic shots have a high aperture and full focus, you will achieve a sharp image that will generate confidence in your clients. prepare your cameraYour customers expect to see all the details.

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