Screenshot showing search results for “urban gardening tips” Avoid the big news sites, since they’re unlikely to get back to you. Stick to single-author blogs or businesses with small teams, as they’re the most likely to work with you. Create a spreadsheet of people you think might be a good fit based on: Their social media following. The quality of their website. Their post engagement (comments and shares). Start with the best fits and simply send them an email. You can send something like this: “Hey, [name]! I was doing some research on [topic] and found your site. You have some awesome [content, products, something else cool about their business].

How You Can Find

I’d love to help send traffic your way! My name is [your name] and I run [your business site]. We’re [explain what your business is/does]. I’m reaching out because I’d love to partner with you on a giveaway we’re doing for Halloween! When are you free for a quick five-minute Macedonia WhatsApp Number List . Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂 Cheers, [your name]” Pro tip: Not sure where to find their email? Use a tool like or Viola Norbert to find emails quickly and efficiently. STEP 3: DECIDE ON THE TERMS Will this be a photo contest or simply a “share to win” type contest?

The Right Review

Will people have to make a purchase to enter? If so, is there a minimum purchase price? There’s no right answer to these questions. They’re just things to think about before you dive in. You’ll also want to write up official terms and conditions and a privacy policy for your giveaway, but more on that in step 5. STEP 4: CREATE A HASHTAG No giveaway is complete without a hashtag. They can help you track the results of your campaign, spark some virality, and collect user-generated content. Some tips: Check to make sure your hashtag isn’t already being used. Just search for it on Twitter/Instagram.

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