With just one email, you can send a large portion of your list to your website with a click of a button as you email them about your content. And those people are far more likely to share your content on social media, because they’re already engaged. Giveaways are great for building your list because they: Grow your email list extremely fast. Supercharge your traffic if you embed the giveaway on your site. Increase your brand’s awareness. Grow your social media presence. Here’s exactly how to set up a giveaway to collect crazy amounts of emails. The more targeted your giveaway is the higher the quality of your participants will be.

What You Can Do to Boost Your Email List

So instead of buying an iPad to give away, work with brands to give away something that’s aligned with your blog or business. You can do a giveaway with your product or service, buy something outright or work with. A company who has a product that is desirable to your list to give it away for free. email directory philippines Yeah, I know. The last option sounds like the best, right? So, how do you get companies to give you stuff for free? You need to connect with the companies. And you need to do so on a customer level and not as a company yourself. Identify a few companies you’d like to work with that offer products or services that are highly desirable to

How to Easily Build an Email List for Your Business

your target audience. Find more than one to leave room for the company not responding or not wanting to work with you. Once you identify the companies, start emailing them. Here is my email template you can swipe: Subject: Promoting [Company] to 1000+ people Hey [Company], I LOVE your stuff and want to help get the word out. My site [yoursite.com] has a growing mailing list of hundreds of people. Wanted to get y’all more exposure, for free. Can you donate [x] in a giveaway that I’ll promote out to my audience? Be Awesome. Julien Marion Sleep Sumo Example: Screenshot showing an email It’s also important to follow up.

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