As your primary keyword. In this case, we have “gifts for dog lovers”. So I would literally call this article “50 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers (Satisfaction Guaranteed!)” Pro Tip: The reason I added the parentheses. (Satisfaction Guaranteed) is that this helps the meta title stand out in the search results, which has helped me get more clicks and bump up my rankings. Now create the article, being sure to follow SEO best practices. Include the keyword in the: Meta title and description Article title URL Image alt text A few times in the content itself Finally, once you publish the article, your work isn’t over.

Email Scam – What You Need to Know

You still need to build links and promote your article to get it to rank. This means sharing it on social media (more than once), emailing other bloggers in your niche to tell them about it (and hopefully they share and link to it), and writing guest posts for other blogs with a Pitcairn Email Lists few. Pro Tip: You can also write gift guides NOT centered on SEO just as a way to guide your customers to the right gifts. For example, Macy’s created gift guides for “him”, “her”, “teens”, “kids”, etc.

Why a Big List Will Provide More Meaningful Testing Data

And swoon-worthy, it might just dazzle you with excitement and astonish you with jaw-dropping badassery. OK, maybe not. But it’s my favorite ecommerce marketing strategy, and I saved it for last: Using power words. Screenshot showing list of power words Words have the power to evoke emotion and trigger curiosity. They can cause you to click, share, or buy. They can piss you off or make you laugh. So if you’re looking for a way to increase sales and engagement, try adding some of these 401+ power words to your website, your emails, and your marketing.

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