The Success tab for your form and set up an autoresponder by clicking the Add New Email button to deliver the goods). Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Step 4: Pour yourself a couple fingers of whiskey because you’ve got yourself a new subscriber-generating machine. The Hack: Avoid creating a whole new list in Aweber, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact every single time you want to offer a content upgrade.

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Maybe email automation isn’t for you yet. But if you don’t do automated email, then how do you deliver a content upgrade to subscribers? It’s kind of a  and Guyana Email List damned if you don’t. Until now, that is. This hack bypasses the traditional automation rules, letting you Guyana Email List automatically deliver your content upgrade the moment your reader hits “Submit.” HOW TO CASH Guyana Email List IN ON THIS HACK The beauty of this hack is you can leverage two of the most-used file storing sites on the

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The first thing you’ll do is upload your file to your Google Drive: GIF showing how to upload a file Select your file — a PDF, spreadsheet, slideshow, whatever — and upload it to your drive. Step 2: Grab a shareable link for your file. This link is extremely important because it’s the only way your visitors can access your file. GIF showing how to get shareable link for a Google Drive file Very important tip. Make sure your sharing settings are set to “Anyone Can View.” Sometimes the default is set where only people from your company can view OR anyone can view but they can also edit.

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