AND GRAPHICS The most efficient way to stick out with an image or photo is to create your own. Not only does that increase the chance of it being shared on social networks. But it also gives your content a certain quality. Consider the image in the screenshot below. If I was the manager of the online store, I’d take some pictures myself, which helps me to stick out from other competitors (which might have the same inventory) and improve the user experience. Screenshot showing a bicycle If you want to

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Whatever way Google measures user satisfaction, whether clickthrough rates or people staying on a page vs. immediately clicking back to the search results, malaysian phone numbers directory good. In ecommerce, having very high-quality images versus none can make all the difference. Compare Best Buy’s product landing page for the Macbook with the one from Apple (both above the fold) for a second. Best Buy Screenshot showing a product page on Best Buy Apple Screenshot

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Not to bully Best Buy here, but the Apple experience conveys much more value just through the headline and huge visuals. In fact, the whole landing page for the MacBook Pro consists mostly of those two elements. So, don’t shy away from using many high-quality visuals and images, especially in ecommerce. Show the product from all angles, and show it being used versus not being used. Using the mentioned image formats, dimensions, and compression ensures that your site

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