An entertainment platform, therefore the main objective. of your content must have that goal: to entertain. Originality is a key factor when producing content. because if you limit yourself to just copying what other famous tiktokers do. your video will become just another without much interest. Bet on risking a little in your videos but always following your style. Once you have a clear concept about the video you are going to make. you can edit it thanks to the editing options of the platform itself or you can rely on others that have a greater variety. In this way , your TikTok videos will be more exclusive and you will add greater value. To the content that increases the number of followers.

Keep in mind that if you record the video from the TikTok camera, it will only be possible to record a maximum duration of 15 or 60 seconds. You can upload a video recorded from your phone’s camera that has a longer duration but it is not recommended. Viral tiktoks tend to be short videos, and users are giving longer videos less of a chance. Shopify and TikTok have partnered to offer product links to Shopify merchants, which can be used to tag products in organic TikTok posts. During peak hours As in all networks, organic content only reaches a percentage of your followers. However, there are factors that favor the reach of the content, such as the time of publication.

Get More Reach By Posting

Free guide: How to take advantage of social UK Phone Number networks to promote your products. And services Do you already have a presence with your business in the main social networks? These, in addition to being useful for creating a community and boosting your branding. Can help you sell more. Discover the best techniques in this free ebook! Publish your content during the hours. With the most active users and increase the reach of your videos. These hours are usually between 11 in the morning. And 5 in the afternoon But our recommendation is that you study the behavior of your followers and know what their habits are. In this way it will also be easier to create a publication calendar. That will allow you to better organize the activity and not waste time. Do you have questions about how Shopify works? Visit the Shopify Help Center.

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Participate in the #challenges (challenges) How to get followers on Tik Tok Without a doubt, the viral challenges are the great star of this social network. It usually consists of recording a video accompanied by a specific sound that involves singing, dancing or doing any type of theater. Use TikTok hashtags to make your content more accessible and increase the number of followers. Dare to create your own challenge and make it go viral on TikTok . When the user searches for its hashtag , your profile will appear as the creator of the content. 6. Share your content (also) on other social networks If you are already present on other social networks and have a certain number of followers, share some of the content you make on TikTok and create expectation.

Collaborate With Other Tiktokers

Encourage them to visit this new platform and, if they see that you offer them quality content that is different from that of other profiles, they will join to follow your steps on TikTok. Remember that, even if you offer different content, you must maintain the same identity. Your other profiles should be a springboard to increase the number of followers on your new TikTok profile. Free Guide: How to Take Product Photos by Yourself Learn how to take beautiful product photos on a budget for free with our comprehensive video guide. Including other people in your videos occasionally enriches the content and, in addition, if that person already has a certain number of followers, it will help you boost your profile. Choose wisely who you want to collaborate with and make sure they are just as fun as you are.

TikTok is a recent platform and there are still no well-defined marketing strategies, but you can start with these little tricks that are working for other users and from there, adjust to get what works best for your profile. First of all, remember that it is an entertainment platform, which is why memes on TikTok succeed, and that the quality of the content is the key to increasing the number of followers. 8. Leave them wanting more… If the type of content that dominates your TikTok account is informational, you can “split” your tips into multiple chunks, or “chapters.” In this way, if a user enters your video-advice on a specific topic and finds it useful and interesting, they will want to follow you to see the others that follow. Start promoting your ecommerce on social networks now. Here you have the Guide that will teach you how to start.

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