Google Maps—and this example is only for a short-head keyword like “running shoes.” Screenshot showing google search results The attention on search results pages (SERPs) is increasingly fought for by other companies and Google features. There are even ads on Google’s image search! Screenshot showing google image search results Bottom line. The market is growing but so is your competition. The question is: what can you do about it? Fight harder! To help you with that, I’ve compiled. This guide on creating the ultimate ecommerce product landing page to

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Generate the maximum amount of organic traffic and conversions for your business. I distinguish between on-page elements and characteristics. The former are elements Niue B2B List you can see and change on the landing page. The latter are characteristics that well-performing landing Niue B2B List  pages have in common but are not directly visible. I will show you best and worst practices for 18 product Niue B2B List page elements broken down into these three distinct groups so. You can make your pages rank higher, generate more SEO traffic and convert more sales. 1 Metadata 2 Content 3 Social Proof & Customer Service Today

Niue B2B List

We can no longer distinguish between SEO and conversion optimization; both disciplines are closely related through user experience. Since Google started to factor “user satisfaction” into ranking criteria, the line has blurred. That makes things easier because we can look at product landing page elements through the same lens. METADATA The first touchpoint between user and brand is on the search results page, not on the website. A brand presents itself through metadata (from the source code of the page), which is composed of three elements: Title URL Description Meta Keywords

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