So there’s no “perfect” length for your subject. The best thing you can do is experiment and find out what works for your audience. It is worth thinking amsterdam cell phone numbers about how your subject line will look in mobile email clients. On smaller iPhones (6, 7, 8), the Mail app amsterdam cell phone numbers truncates subject lines after 47 characters, yet on the larger iPhones (7+, 8+), the subject line is cut off after 53 characters. The amsterdam cell phone numbers Zurb TestSubject tool is a great way to check how your emails will look across devices. Screenshot showing a tool that shows how email titles look on different devices With all this in mind, don’t worry too much about the length of your subject line.

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To crafting the perfect subject line for your abandoned cart emails, there are a bunch of tried and tested formulas that can help you. Here are seven types you can use today. 1. amsterdam cell phone numbers This is the most common type of subject line. And if you’ve ever left an item in your basket without completing a purchase, you’ve no doubt received an email with a subject like one of these. FORGOT SOMETHING’ SUBJECT LINE FORMULAS With these subject lines, you’re simply reminding

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Did you forget something? Casper, MCM Did you forget this? Have you forgotten something. Heading out without checking out? Huckberry Looks like you forgot something, complete your purchase Ooops, you forgot something. J Crew Ready to buy? Complete your order now You left something behind. Moschino This style uses a well-known sales technique to drive opens: The Assumptive Close. The assumptive close assumes the shopper has already made up their mind to buy and was interrupted; they didn’t leave because of shipping terms or product costs.

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