In the conversion game, you either offer instant loading speed or you lose your valuable visitors to your competition. This line perfectly encapsulates the current scenario where speed is the most decisive factor in getting visitors to interact. With the site and eventually convert. To make things even more competitive for getting started with Accelerated Mobile Pages. For website owners, new technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive. Web  Poland Phone Number  are adding speed to already fast-loading sites. The majority of web development companies have recognized the creation of AMP pages and PWAs as the future of web browsing. But before you take the leap, here’s everything you need to know about AMP and PWA and which one to choose.

Understanding Amp and Pwa

With users’ inclination towards mobile phones, speed has become the top priority to improve the user experience. An acronym for Progressive Web Apps, PWAs provide visitors with an app-like experience while loading like a website only. By app-like experience, this means that PWAs can easily be loaded offline without an internet connection, can send push notifications to the user, and provide access to all information and features without forcing them to download and install an app .

What Is Amp?

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The year 2016 saw a number of website owners, publishers and new portals embarking on Accelerated Mobile Pages. A brainchild of Google, this AMP project aims to deliver near-instant page loading to mobile users. Created as an open-source platform, many people believe that AMP may soon become a ranking factor for Google’s algorithms. This platform allows developers to create super-fast web pages that are clean of irrelevant. Script and load faster on mobile pages. Advantages of AMP AMP web pages load in no time and provide a great browsing experience. For visitors With the majority of Google’s algorithms designed to rank sites with a mobile-first approach. Developer-Created Accelerated Mobile Pages rank higher than other pages on mobile search.


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