Just this one video on YouTube attracted over 5K links and 500K shares on Facebook for the site. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a website page A PR Biotechnology Email List stunt can also be as simple. As a landing page with great visualizations or statistics, as shown by Biotechnology Email List CEWE Photoworld. It was upvoted on Reddit over 1,000 times, got over 100 comments, and coverage from Mashable, Tech Times, and others. Their interactive landing page about the size of Instagram is just the type of creative content that makes it attractive for news outlets to link to.

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Screenshot showing an interesting banner It received almost 300 backlinks and ranks for over 600 keywords. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a website As long as the Biotechnology Email List content is original. Relevant to a lot of people and evokes a strong emotional reaction, such as Biotechnology Email List fascination or laughter, it spreads and can make a brand famous (almost) overnight. When Biotechnology Email List you pull a PR stunt, do not forget to set up a landing page for it. Especially if it happens offline or on another platform (like YouTube).

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Warby Parker pulled a PR stunt for the New York fashion week in 2011 but hadn’t set up a landing page for it. Many big publishers reported about it, including Glamour, Esquire, and Vogue. However, it would have been optimal to set up a dedicated landing page for the campaign, instead of having the links point at the homepage. Screenshot showing google search results For manufacturers with an online shop, sometimes a cool landing page can be enough. Sony has an interactive landing page for its “be moved”

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