With groups of students and not just individuals, establishing a Ranking can be a great way to motivate them to do their best. It consists of classifying your students based on a certain factor, to choose who are the best of the course. For a Ranking to be effective, you must implement a factor that allows you to quantitatively measure the ability or capacity of each one , and thus be able to define who will be at the head of the course, who will be in second place and so on. This leads us to the following two points: Leveling The leveling or level system is an excellent factor to determine the Ranking of the students in your course. As in many games, leveling consists of assigning a numerical value to students after they have completed certain tasks, objectives or missions.

Of motivation for your students, who will want to reach the highest levels possible. This ‘level’ will be the one that represents the ‘experience’ or ‘ability’ of said student in your course , as well as how much he has advanced in his learning. There are those who choose to offer advantages to those students with a higher level, either access to more advanced courses, or small rewards or tools that will help them advance in your course. The accumulation of points is another way to quantitatively and roughly classify the learning of your students. It works in a similar way, and as your students complete tasks, complete exercises or evaluations, they will accumulate points, which will be an indication of how advanced they are in the course.

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Remember: Both levels and points are an Lebanon phone number excellent way to classify your students in a Ranking system. Score in a gamification system. Distribution of themes through missions, challenges or challenges. Challenges or challenges. They are one of the teaching techniques. That work best since they bring dynamism to the courses that are taught . Missions, challenges or challenges are an efficient way for students. To put what they have learned into practice. Many times the theory by itself is not effective when teaching. And that is why many teachers resort to practical exercises . However, if instead of using the typical exercises or guides. Other methods are used, such as carrying out certain tasks or missions. Or completing a challenge or challenge, not only will the students be helping. To internalize the theoretical content, but also in a dynamic and entertaining way.

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Interactive assessments A bit similar to what happens with the previous technique. Assessments are a characteristic of all education. These allow us to determine what percentage of what has been taught has been assimilated by the students. But have you ever thought that there may be other ways to assess your students beyond a written exam? An interactive evaluation is a much more dynamic. And attractive way to evaluate the level of assimilation of the content by the students. There are many ways to do it, from using challenges. Or even using recreational activities in which students are required. To use everything learned in the course in order to complete the activity. There are those. Who even make use of less conventional tools or media. Such as video games or other customizable platforms. That allow the creation of interactive evaluations.

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Although they are considered techniques of educational gamification, these can also be implemented in the gamification of an online store, so I recommend that you master them and adapt them to your own strategy. 6 best tools to put gamification into practice You already know what gamification is and what techniques you can use in your courses, however, this is not all you need to know. There is a wide variety of tools on the Internet that can help you put gamification into practice, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Which of them you should choose will depend only on you. What are the objectives of your courses as well as the theme of them. Here is a list of some tools that will be very useful when implementing gamification.

For this reason, many of the tools that are available on the market are more focused on education. Edmodo edmodo Let’s start with one of the most used tools today due to the pandemic we are experiencing, Edmodo . It is a learning platform in which the classroom is completely digitized, creating an interactive environment in which both students and teachers can communicate with each other , while including representatives. And this not only applies to schools, but to any type of course or educational level. In Edmodo you will not only be able to create interactive classes, but also establish objectives, tasks, challenges and even reward all the participants or students of your course , having a much more dynamic class than usual.

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