Reverence, reverence for reverence, fear for fear, fear for reverence. With awe in your heart, you will think twice before you act, follow your actions, and stop your actions. Without reverence, you will step on the clouds and run wild.

Awe is an attitude!

To make products, we need to uphold the awe of 3 major items:

  1. Respect users;
  2. Respect the industry;
  3. Reverence for life/life.

1. Respect users

The user is the user of the Turkey Mobile Number product, the product solves the user’s problem, and the value of the product (useful, easy to use, easy to use) is determined by the user. If you don’t respect users, you will take it for granted.

Even if we can’t solve each user’s problem and provide each user with customized solutions, we at least respect their demands, be humble, and don’t understand user demands, let alone make product trade-offs, routes, and planning.

Awe users are divided into two layers:

  1. Respect every individual user
  2. Respect the user as a whole

1.1 Respect every individual user

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Each user has its own characteristics and demands will be different. Just like a doctor prescribing a prescription for a patient, if you don’t ask about the medical history, etiology, family inheritance, etc., and simply prescribe a standardized prescription, this can cure some patients, but it cannot be effective for some patients.

For example, all coughs caused by pharyngitis; some are caused by colds and fever; some have phlegm, some do not.

To make a product, you need to fully understand users first, then abstract, refine, and summarize user demands, and then decide what to do, what not to do, what to do first, and what to do later according to business and technical conditions.