they broke these stats down based on those three audience groups we discussed earlier. Screenshot showing best response times for different audiences By france number phone carefully selecting these times. You’ll have a better chance of catching your reader when they’re france number phone focused and have time to respond. GetResponse research also uncovered one more important point to france number phone consider here: How fast are emails opened once they’re sent? According to their data, 23.8% of emails are opened within the first hour after being

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Here’s the bad news: your email has less than a 1% chance of being opened after 24 hours. This is why it’s so essential to narrow down the right time and day for your audience. Like a chain reaction, increase your open rates and you’ll also increase your transaction rates as I’ll show you next. #2: DO YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR TRANSACTIONS? Experian researchers found that transaction rates for emails sent between 4:00am and 8:00am could be as high as 33%.[*] Could this work

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for your audience? This small window of time might inspire early-risers to make a purchase, but emails sent after work might perform better when your audience is looking to decompress from a long, stressful day at the office with retail therapy. The only way to know for certain is to perform A/B tests with your subscribers. Before I get to that, you have to look out for one more thing to increase your open rates. #3: IS THIS EMAIL EDUCATIONAL OR ACTION-ORIENTED? Another reportdddd from Smart

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