cThe 15-day campaign targets the 15-day list and excludes anyone on the 3-day, 7-day, and 30-day lists, for example. After you’ve created your campaigns you should go to Audiences > Exclusions, and exclude two purchaser lists from seeing your ads. One 15-day conversion window list One 30-day conversion window list This will stop your purchasers from getting ad fatigue, and becoming annoyed by your ads. Screenshot showing youtube ad setup page If you want to, you can make a stronger offer with each subsequent campaign. Here’s an example of how that might look: 3-day campaign = simple reminder message. 7-day campaign = free shipping offer. 15-day campaign = discount offer. 30-day campaign = bigger discount offer.

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Albania WhatsApp Number List SHOPPING I remember when I first heard about the TrueView for Shopping ad format. The marketing nerd in me felt like it was Albania WhatsApp Number List Christmas. Why was I so excited? TrueView for shopping combines the super effective Google Shopping ad aka Product Listing Ad (PLA) with the YouTube pre-roll video ads we’ve been discussing. I’ve been a Google Shopping superfan and practitioner for the last 6+ years. I even wrote the Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping that Shopify published.

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What makes this ad format so effective? It combines the selling power of video with. Google Shopping Ads that display price, product image, and product title (next to your YouTube video ads). When you’re targeting a group of people who nearly bought something from your site recently, this ad format is hard NOT to click on. Screenshot showing a section on a youtube video page To run this ad format, select the Video campaign subtype of Shopping in the Google Ads interface. For your campaign goal select Product and brand consideration, and for your campaign subtype select Shopping.

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