And when the potential customer has fully “warmed up”, you can send them a discount coupon with a limited time validity. That way, the potential customer is very likely to place an order. Capturing potential customers is just as important as retaining those who have already bought from your store. The reason is twofold: Retaining customers is much cheaper than acquiring new customers. Satisfied customers are essential for your company to attract more potential customers. To retain customers, it is important to develop a positive relationship with your buyers. And for this, it is essential to perfect your customer service systems . Keep in mind that loyalty is based on a succession of positive interactions that are satisfactory for customers. Imagine, for example, that a customer buys a product from you. From there, problems may arise with deliveries, with the quality of the product received.

Sources to identify potential customers types of leads At this point. You are probably wondering what are the sources to identify potential customers to include in your marketing strategies. Well, here are what we consider to be the 7 basic repositories in. Which to search for potential clients. Current clients The best way to receive a continuous flow. Of new potential clients is through the current clients of your company. After all, a satisfied customer is the best commercial in your store . If he is very satisfied, he will even be in charge of proclaiming. To the four winds the excellence of your business. But for this it is essential to offer exceptional customer service. , with doubts about operation.

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You can also create referral programs. Or directly New Zealand phone number request the contact details of friends or relatives who might be interested in your products. Social networks Social networks have become the great virtual market where all buyers go when they need something and do not know where to find it. That is why it is so important to have a presence in the main social networks, since this way you can promote your product on social networks ; and also potential customers who want to buy your products, but do not know you yet, will find you. Remember, therefore, that the social media profiles of your ecommerce should be showcases in which, in addition to showing your products, you offer them user manuals, resolve doubts about the characteristics of your products or dialogue with those potential customers.

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And exhibitions are a great source of contact with potential customers . This is so because vendors expose their products, so that all those who are interested in them come to see and buy them. Yes, it is true that, since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, the organization of face-to-face events has become very complicated. But as the situation improves, events will return to normal. In addition, now people have also become accustomed to participating in virtual events through the Internet, with which it is possible to continue contacting potential and actual clients. potential customers examples 4. Databases There are many public directories and databases that list your potential customers’ contact information.: a dissatisfied customer usually communicates his bad experience to many people around him. And that prevents new potential customers from coming to your store.

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In this way, it is possible to contact them through an email or a phone call . There are even companies that transfer or sell their customer data to other marketing lead management companies, so that they can contact the potential customers that appear in the files. The competition at the neighbor’s door to steal their customers, but we do want you to become an alternative option . Especially if you are able to publicize a value proposition different from those of your competitors. So worry a lot about the satisfaction of your current customers. The best way to do this is through ads in Google Ads, since it is possible to use the name of your competitors as a keyword.

An experiment has happened to me that we also did with a shoe brand here in Spain, that when people put the product in the cart, instead of showing this popup that normally tells you, do you want to continue shopping or do you want to checkout? And although everyone knows that normally a shopping cart is there, well look, when you are there relaxing at home looking at shoes, that microsecond that it takes you that, oh, to see, could it be that I did not put the product in the cart ? Could it be that I did put it more than once? At that time, many customers would leave you completely simply because there is a peak of stress there, it is generating discomfort, mistrust, I better go to El Corte Inglés to look for it in a physical store because here.

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