That way, when someone searches Google for the name of your competition, your store will also appear among the sponsored results. To extract the maximum information from all those people who visit your online store. To do this, tools such as the Facebook pixel or Google Analytics can be of great support to be able to show your ads to those potential customers who have been to your online store but have not bought. Another very profitable option is to set up an email address capture system. In this way, many potential customers who do not buy at first can receive information about promotions or discount coupons. And surely many of them end up buying later. So that your potential customers find you when they do searches related to your business on Google and on the main search engines.

That’s why in this edition, Pancho Mendiola , the first “Shopify Education Partner in Latin America”, tells us what it is and how to make a business a reality. And for this you must start by taking the first step in your entrepreneurship: creating your own online store. Too easy. Sign up and you will see: Do you have a business idea? How do you learn to undertake? Who is Pancho Mendiola? First Shopify Education Partner for Mexico. Where do I start to learn to undertake? , distinguishing between transactional keywords (those that indicate purchase interest) and more informative keywords (which will help you capture cold traffic). The best thing about this source to identify potential customers is that it is able to attract users who have a real interest in your products.

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The Four Pillars to learn to undertake Learning to Oman phone number undertake. What it consists of according to Pancho Mendiola If you are an entrepreneur. You know very well that most of the mistakes we have made could have been avoided if someone. With experience had given us advice on time. But we also know that 100% of the mistakes we have made. We could have solved if we had had that “entrepreneurial mentality” that veterans of entrepreneurship have managed to develop. What some call “experience” and others “instinct” but in reality is nothing more than discipline. The discipline of teaching our heads to think in entrepreneurial mode. It is said that half of any battle is won without a fight.

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Therefore, we are going to give you the keys to develop that entrepreneurial mentality and that you can learn to undertake. Learn to undertake with Shopify and the advice of Pancho Mendiola What does it mean to learn to undertake? Learning to undertake is not memorizing formulas, nor getting an MBA. That is very good and of course it helps, but the key is that you are able to transform the way you see the phenomenon of your business. It is a change of mentality, more than a memorization process. The skills that can truly teach you to undertake, you will not find them in a single place. Pancho Mendiola, Education Partner at Shopify, reminds us that learning to be an entrepreneur is a mixture of online classes on entrepreneurship, talks and entrepreneurial events.

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Courses and bootcamps of technical training in ecommerce. Like the ones offered by Shopify for free – and practical A lot of practice! Direct experience of your stores. Projects and businesses is vital. PANCHO’S ADVICE: The person who advances is the one who takes the information from the courses, talks, books and events, and feeds it with their practical experiences. But it’s not trying for the sake of trying, it’s trying to undertake with criteria and a critical mind: keep track of your figures, what things go well and what don’t, your predicted costs and actual results, etc. Internalizing and understanding what happened to you, why it happened to you and how you could have achieved a different result. From this understanding will come the change in mindset that will make you a true entrepreneur. Start or grow your business with a Shopify.

And that really tells us very little about what is happening in the human brain, because what is more, if we are doing it. For example, an ecommerce, a normal ecommerce experience, there comes a point where you are scrolling simply looking at the product catalog that that store has, and your mouse is paralyzed to one side, but your eyes are going in different directions. directions and there are times when we detect that the eyes go from one side to the other several times, and one says, what? This person is confused. When you contrast it with the information that your brain gives you, you realize that there is a peak of stress there, and that, look, no, these elements do not have enough contrast, or here the shopping cart is not very clear, and there are times that by minimalists, we sin.

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