And a couple minutes of work will numero de telephone portable maroc give you the same results as years of Google Analytics knowledge. HOW TO CASH IN ON numero de telephone portable maroc THIS HACK Before we dive in, I’ll say this — this might be one of my favorite numero de telephone portable maroc starter hacks available. It takes something that was previously unavailable to numero de telephone portable maroc everyone and makes it easily accessible. Though, ironically, our journey starts in Google Analytics. PUT What we’re looking for is easy to find.

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We’re just going to see what numero de telephone portable maroc kind of traffic your site already receives. Step 1: Pick a page you want to monitor conversion rates on. It could be your home page, a blog post, or anywhere else you’re collecting email addresses. Then, log into your Google Analytics account and click the following things. Screenshot showing Google Analytics stats That lets you see the traffic to any of your site’s pages. Then, filter down to the page you want to measure in the search bar. To do that, you grab everything after your main

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So, if you wanted to monitor your blog, and your blog’s into the search area: GIF showing Google Analytics search Searching and clicking on the intended path will bring you to that page’s specific stats. What we’re looking for is the type of traffic that comes to that page. That means we need to filter by traffic source. Do this by going to Secondary dimension → Acquisition → Source: GIF showing Google Analytics filtering Now you can see exactly where people are coming from to get to your page. Why do we need this? We’re going to set up list-building opportunities that only show to these specific traffic sources.

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