Each requires a targeted message. If the prospect signed up via a landing page, it’s best to keep it simple. You don’t want to be heavy-handed or include any aggressive Estonia Phone Number List selling. Your first automated message should be a warm double opt-in for confirmation (this increases the quality of your lists); confirming will trigger a welcome email and ways to reach you. Be sure to include your social media links and calls to action to connect through each one. Scooterboard, an online-only ecommerce company, does a good job putting together their welcome email series.

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First, they send a double opt-in email request. They acknowledged I signed up and I need to confirm it was me. To entice me, they offered two reasons why I should confirm Estonia Phone Number List (first access and early bird discounts). Screenshot showing an email by mailchimp After I Estonia Phone Number List selected “Yes, subscribe me to this list.” I received a detailed welcome email. Screenshot Estonia Phone Number List showing an email Not all welcome emails are this detailed.  Notice how at the end of the welcome email Scooterboard ask you to

Estonia Phone Number List

whitelist their emails: Screenshot showing an email Whitelisting makes sure your emails. One way to make sure your emails stay whitelisted is to use the same email address for your email sends every time. You can trigger a pop-up to your new email subscribers using Sumo List Builder to let your subscribers know to whitelist your email. People who have declared bankruptcy are big business for some companies. Find out how they use bankruptcy mailing lists to target those people, and with what.

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