Before getting into the matter, there is something very important that we must tell you, so pay attention.

It is clear that we are talking to you from, right? but have you ever wondered why this blog? Where did it come from? Who does it belong to?

In the shortest possible way, Content Marketing is a blog that emerged a year ago as a project of the Brazilian company Rock Content with the aim of becoming the main search source for everything related to marketing, sales and techniques. of communication in Spanish. With the blog we seek to be an active community and to be an information portal where you can find articles and free material of interest to learn.

As for Rock Content we are

A leading content marketing Japan Phone Number company in brazil. We help brands connect with their customers through. Great content corporate blogs consulting services and content strategies.

Where are we going with this recently, rock content had a birthday, 4 years to be more precise. And we wanted to take advantage of the moment to make ourselves known directly using marketing contends. Com as a spokesperson for what we want to tell you.

Content marketing works And not only

Japan Phone Number

That we want to show you how the goals the effort and the constant work today. Led us to grow very quickly and reach r$20 million arr in these 4 years.

Here at rock content we believe that the brazilian startup ecosystem would develop faster if companies shared more about their facts, challenges and achievements.

We greatly admire how companies like mos. Groove and buffer shared their progress, successes and stumbles. We love consuming this type of content and learning more about how these companies are growing and evolving, while maintaining transparency.


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