Which you can view the statistics for) with the focus keyphrase you have in mind for your new post could give you some idea about the potential traffic. Make sure to choose older posts that are most similar to the post you’re planning to write. If you’re planning to choose a long-tail keyword, compare posts with long-tail keywords as well. For instance. Russia Phone Numbers  this post about the focus keyphrase could be compared with a post about snippet previews. Russia Phone Number a related feature of Yoast SEO we already wrote about.

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Do this by using the Semrush integration in the Yoast SEO plugin: Compare posts to find out more about the potential traffic As you can see, the amount of traffic is a bit lower but still comparable. Russia Phone Number We know the search traffic to our snippet preview post is reasonably good, so we know it’s worth optimizing for. Another good way to use the Russia Phone Number Semrush integration in the Yoast SEO plugin is when you’re considering a number of (long-tail) focus keywords. Because it will easily show you which search term will have the highest search volume compared to another.

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Decide which long-tail keyword is most commonly used in search. For additional tools, see this post by Marieke about keyword research tools. 3. Google your proposed focus keyword! Russia Phone Number Apart from knowing which search terms are actually used by people, you need to know whether your post or page idea fits the needs and expectations of the people who use these search terms. In other words: you need to Russia Phone Number find out what your audience’s search intent is. A quick way to find out is by Googling your proposed (sets of) keywords yourself. Check the search engine result pages.

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