Take the time to look at the search engine result pages (SERPs). Are the articles in the Google results of similar character to Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers your article? Could your article fit the results shown on these search pages? If you decide to write a blog post or page for this exact focus keyword, you are aiming to get your post amongst these results. The type of content shown on the Saudi Arabia Phone Number search results will help you decide on what kind of content to create: does Google show product pages or blog posts? Or perhaps videos, images? If there’s one dominant type, Google probably “thinks” this is the type of content people are looking for.

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Creating that type of content too. Of course, the results change when the search intent changes. Saudi Arabia Phone Number Remember: you’ll have to beat the other search results, so only do this when you’re sure you can create something truly outstanding and useful for your audience! Content of the results pages Be sure to use the Saudi Arabia Phone Number content of the result pages as an inspiration for your blog post. However, do NOT copy content. Use the result pages as a place to check if you missed information or arguments for your post or page. And, most importantly, to see how you can make your post stand out.

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Post be better, funnier, more original than the post presently displayed in the result pages? Try to Saudi Arabia Phone Number come up with content that will make the audience click and share! Check out social media and forums Another great tip: Check what people have to say about this topic on social media and various online forums. This will probably give you loads of input for your post or page. You can directly address the questions people have and the difficulties they encounter regarding this topic. Saudi Arabia Phone Number On top of this, it will help you use the right wording, which is crucial if you want to reach your audience. Don’t forget to repeat your research now and then! Remember that search suggestions change all the time.

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