That was greatly appreciated,” says Lulofs. “Customers could hardly believe that they received their order so quickly. The employees also liked it a lot. Firstly, because they could still do something for customers, but it was also good for the mutual atmosphere in the workplace. And it was also a great way to get to know your customers even better. What was ordered during that period, what kind of people are they, what makes them happy? It never hurts to take a good look at who we are all doing it for now.”

Keep communicating

There was a lot of communication and sharing with the employees in those first uncertain times and afterwards. That was also important, says Lulofs: “We communicated a lot and often, with all teams, in all countries. Through videos, social posts and other channels. We stayed in constant contact and shared highs and lows with each other. Raymond checked in with everyone weekly via a vlog or short email. Always with a joke, because we like a positive vibe.”

Hold on to that start-up feeling

VP of IT Email Lists

How do Cloosterman and Lulofs look back on the past year, now that it has become more or less business as usual for shops? Lulofs: “Sometimes I think it’s a shame VP IT Email List that it’s over. It felt good in speed, entrepreneurship, daring, doing. Again a bit of the start-up idea, while we are now a large organization. But it is very nice to see that despite that size, we have certainly not become unwieldy and rigid.”

The special year has also produced a few lasting memories. Lulofs: “Customers are already asking whether we will be organizing private shopping evenings again in the near future. We also want to maintain a certain form of personal delivery, by bike from the store.”

keep moving

Cloosterman: “The role of the store is changing. That was already changing, but that has gained more speed due to corona. The store becomes more of a showcase for the range we have. In the store you can see the products that you can order online. We will therefore process those orders more often from the store and deliver them directly to our customers.”

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