Screenshot showing Sumo conversion Gambling Email List stats Why It Works. The 10% off offer on the cart page incentivizes the person who is about to leave the shopping cart to get a 10% discount if they buy from you right now. How To Set It Up Yourself: Click here to sign up for a Gambling Email List Sumo eCommerce account, then follow these instructions: 1. Go to Forms > List Builder > Discounts. Click Gambling Email List on Connect To Shopify and enter your Shopify Store Name. Screenshot showing sumo settings 2. Click on Create Discounts to create a discount

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Incentive to use on your cart page. Screenshot showing sumo settings Note: Notice how the “Total Purchase Amount” in this screenshot is $7,000 more than the previous Gambling Email List screenshot. That’s because in the break I took over the weekend between taking these two Gambling Email List screenshots, this eCommerce business had recovered another 80 customers and $7,000 in Gambling Email List sales. 3. Fill in the New Discount form to create your 10% discount. (these are the discount settings the eCommerce company in this example uses,

Gambling Email List

But you can set up whatever discount Gambling Email List you like). Screenshot showing Sumo settings When you’re creating your discount campaign here are some Gambling Email List pro tips. Always create a unique code for each subscriber so your discount code doesn’t end up on sites like RetailMeNot or Gambling Email List and everyone and their mother can use the code. There is no right answer on providing a Gambling Email List monetary versus a percentage discount. You can run an A/B test inside Sumo to see which works best for your business.

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