Tempting to buy lots of high-end recording gear, make an expensive design, and make sure everything looks perfect. That won’t only cut into your margins, it’ll be busan korea phone numbers overkill. Keeping your online course simple — both the content and the design — is the best way to ensure you get it done. And that you create something that’s useful. Rather than overwhelming, for your customers. Online courses come in all shapes and sizes — you can vary your course format to match the needs of your customers and the time you

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have to create the course — paid email courses, video courses, and interactive coaching services are all great options. Check out these examples of how you can add online courses to your store: Sell courses to help customers get more value from your products. Screenshot showing a product Sell courses that teach people the skills you used to create. Down Diet is the perfect digital upsell.[*] Screenshot showing a product page 2. COURSES Courses can be immensely profitable for physical

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your ecommerce products. Hand lettering artist Jenny Highsmith, in addition to selling prints and lettering commissions, sells an online course on hand lettering.[*] Screenshot showing an e-course product page 3. Creating a membership community centered around the problem your product solves is a great way to increase revenue and build a loyal community of customers. You can sell access to exclusive content, training materials, webinars, coaching, and more.

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