Webinar promotion email sent by Sumo LOYALTY Your loyal customers are the ones that continuously buy from you, bringing you most of your revenue. The hospitality and travel industries often use loyalty-based segmentation. If you segment your customers based on how loyal elenco numeri di fax they are to your store, or how often they buy from you. You can get a better understanding of them and offer better service to retain them later on. Look at airlines, for example. The more loyal you are to an airline, the more benefits you get. You get priority boarding, preference in upgrades, the occasional free trip, priority security checks, and many more benefits — as

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long as you demonstrate your loyalty to that airline. This is because airlines want to retain you. There are two ways you can get more sales: Find brand-new customers. Retain old ones. Retaining old ones is always easier than finding new ones. That’s why you should segment your  elenco numeri di fax  loyalty to your brand. And offer top-notch service to your most loyal customers. Another example is hotels. The more you stay at a hotel chain, the more points you can collect, and the more free stays and rewards you receive. Here’s what HHonors (Hilton’s loyalty program) tiers look like for different levels: Screenshot showing the

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Perks for hilton honors Starbucks offers you free refills for your brewed coffee or ice tea if you spend around $150. Every year to reach the gold member level. You can use this no matter your industry — just find a way to reward your most loyal customers. If you run an ecommerce store, check out this tool that allows you to start a loyalty program on your store. Customer Status This is my favorite type of behavioral segmentation.

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