It’s the ultimate stream of content that helps you find whatever you weren’t thinking about at that moment. Senegal Phone Numbers To reach these users, you have a new tool at your disposal: Web Stories. A Web Story is mobile visual storytelling at its best. Its Google’s take on the social media story format you all know from Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Senegal Phone Number But, this is open, findable in search — and in Google Discover. Web Stories are a great fit for Discover. The snackable, mobile-oriented stories are easy to discover and quick to swipe through. Building stories for your content might get you an easy way in the Discover feed. They are easy to build and quite fun too.

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Even showing these stories under the Visual Stories banner on mobile. an iphone showing web stories in google discover Web Stories get their own spot in Google Discover Check your Discover performance in Google Search Console Google Search Console not only helps you gain insights into how your site performs in search, but also in Discover. Senegal Phone Number There’s a dedicated tab that helps you analyze the performance of your content in Discover. Senegal Phone Number Here, you can find your overall traffic over a longer period of time.

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The traffic generated by specific posts. Our post on Web Stories had a nice spike in views and clicks from Discover Use these insights to learn about what your content does. Senegal Phone Number Is it a straight line of continuous traffic or is it spiking? Does it return? Why do you think a specific post got a large amount of traffic on a particular day? See if you can analyze these trends and make more informed decisions about your Discover content. Senegal Phone Number Test and improve In this article, you got a couple of insights into how Discover works and what you can do to get in.

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