Screenshot showing an email sent by Sumo Email. Send a reminder email to show your subscribers ways to increase their chances of winning the prize. Remember Kazakhstan Phone Number List to stay consistent with your message from your first email. Here’s another email Sumo Kazakhstan Phone Number List sent to encourage participants to promote the giveaway with the incentive of increasing Kazakhstan Phone Number List their chance of winning. Screenshot showing an email by Sumo Email 4: Last-chance email. A pro trick is to give a special discount code in the last-chance email

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So every participant who didn’t win the prize in the giveaway is more likely to purchase from your store. Winner gets the prizes + participants get discounts Kazakhstan Phone Number List. Here’s what Chief Sumo Noah sent on his last-chance email for his “Ultimate Business Traveler Kazakhstan Phone Number List Giveaway,” with discount codes to make partners happy. Screenshot showing an Kazakhstan Phone Number List email sent by Noah Kagan Moving forward: After the giveaway. You want to move your participants into your general participant list or customer

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List (if they bought something Kazakhstan Phone Number List during the giveaway). The key is only to give away prizes that related to the products you sell, so you attract targeted visitors who are more likely to become your customers. EMAIL OPT-IN OFFER: INVENTORY UPDATES Kazakhstan Phone Number List When you’re using inventory updates as your opt-in offer: Email 1. While most visitors Kazakhstan Phone Number List will join your email list to get updates on an out-of-stock product for this opt-in offer, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to encourage them to buy now.

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