How do you achieve the former? Stick with one channel and slowly build it. Once you’ve mastered (and, hopefully, automated) that channel, add on another. Which channel you choose depends on your current skill set and ecommerce store niche. Image showing multiple social media platforms If you or your team is good with photos, give Instagram a shot. If your Facebook page is already getting some traction, double down there. If video is your forte, try YouTube. Regardless of which social channel you choose, I highly recommend setting up this Pinterest traffic strategy.

A Practical Guide

It’s quick and automated, so you can still focus on building another channel at the same time. How do you know if social media should be a part of your marketing mix? The quickest and easiest way is to see if your competition is getting traction there. Chances are if your competitor has  german phone number  with a lot of engagement then social media may be lucrative for you as well. Pro Tip: Despite what you may have heard, social media is NOT a requirement to market your online store. My site, The Wandering RV, gets over 100,000 monthly visitors from ​

What is sharding

Wo009hether you’re writing emails for your drip campaign or adding keywords to optimize your pages for search, always put quality first. What does that mean? Seek to add value. Answer your customers’ questions, make people laugh, or teach them something new. Cut the fluff. Less is often more. If you’re the kind of writer that drags on, hire an editor to help you cut things down or read your content out loud to see how it sounds before using it. Preferably both. Optimize for users first. While search engines look at statistics and keywords, they’re still trying to do what’s right for people.

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