Email marketing is a science. There are key formulas to understand, certain methods that yield specific results, and a plethora of variables that can alter the outcome of your efforts. Through our various trial and error, we have found a specific combination of tools to test when building a successful e-commerce email marketing system. These tools are Justuno, Klaviyo and Shopify Plus; and they are creating the ultimate Albania Phone Number e-commerce email marketing team. Each component of this system is critical to the overall success of your email marketing efforts and each integration offers invaluable data.

Capture Emails

Email capture is one of the most critical parts of a successful email marketing system. Without emails to send, your efforts are worth nothing. Justuno is an exceptional tool to use when building your subscription lists. Justuno lets you create popups triggered by page, time or user behavior. This allows you to display the appropriate popup for a specific type of user, which is essential for capturing emails. For example, if a user has a cart full of items and has arrived at the checkout page but is about to exit, you can display an exit intent-based popup on the cart page that displays a discount code that could encourage the user to stay on the page and complete their purchase.

Plus, Justuno lets you create different types (and styles) of popups to capture even more email addresses. One type of pop-up we’ve found to be extremely effective is the fun “Spin-to-Win” window.


Email Database

Shopify Plus also plays a key role in the email capture part of your eCommerce email marketing system. If you’re running a popup that displays a coupon code the visitor can use, you want to make sure the coupon code is created in Shopify. Engagement with an email capture popup is more valuable than just earning one more email address. For many of our email partners, the conversion rate is 10x higher for a user who engages with a popup than for those who don’t. For this partner, the conversion rate is 15 times higher after engaging with a Justuno pop-up.

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