Frequently with prizes, it’s more about finding a perfect fit with what your audience wants and needs, rather than creating. A giveaway with an eye-popping value ricerca da numero telefonico svizzera like “$10,000 worth of books for FREE.” If you’re short on time and have a few spare dollars sitting around in your marketing budget, buying your own prize is a great way to go. 2. Reach out to partners Partners are an amazing fit for giveaways for a couple of reasons

My List Is It Really Important

They can supply the prizes (saving you money). They can help you to promote the giveaway and bring in more people. The partners benefit from your  ricerca da numero telefonico svizzera  promotion of the giveaway. For example, Sam Jefferies, founder of the UK-based finance blog Money Nest. Emailed an author who had written a few books aimed at the UK finance niche and suggested they ricerca da numero telefonico svizzera partner up for a giveaway. The author obliged and provided Sam with five copies of his new book as well as five copies of another book he’d recently been featured in. Screenshot showing books This giveaway enabled Money Nest to: Triple their email list

Online Effective Ways of Building a List

Pick up hundreds of new social media followers. Generate new backlinks to their site, helping to boost their SEO. To find partners, try to think of businesses that are complementary to yours — businesses that share the same audience as you but aren’t a direct competitor. For example: A sports clothing store could partner with local sports venues or gyms to offer free sessions or lessons. A backpack company, like Minaal, could partner with a travel apparel company. A store selling spices and hot sauce might partner with a cooking equipment supplier or a business offering cooking lessons.

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