In those four weeks, I could only spend the weekends on my new business (and documenting it for this case study). From Monday to Friday I’m not even at home hotel email database or have wifi access. There is a lot against me. From now on I would have to be as productive as hotel email database possible. There isn’t much time to waste. If you work a 9-5 job, and trying to get a new biz off the hotel email database ground you’ll know the feeling. But on Thursday evening of week number five, my girlfriend gave me a call which gave me some hope. You owe me a nice dinner!” That’s the first thing my girlfriend said on the phone.

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Turned out the products arrived at our apartment. Okay, not really at our apartment. But at least downstairs (three floors down). As nice as the young hotel email database he didn’t want to help my girlfriend take the delivery upstairs. She did it on her own. That’s why she thought I would like to pay for dinner. “I don’t think 100 backpacks are that hard to take upstairs.” was my answer. The next day, when I finally came home, I could see the packages in our apartment and knew I was wrong.

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Like totally wrong. Picture showing Tim Kock and his bagpacks in boxes For comparison: I’m 1.90m tall; and each box weighs 21.3kg. My girlfriend is 1.72m tall and weighs 65kg. I definitely owe her a nice dinner.  100 perfect products. Picture showing a big box of bag pack Even though my living room looked like a mess, I was glad I could finally move on with my business. I only have around three weeks left to achieve my goal to make $1,000 USD in profit.

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