You now have a good start on building an email list from scratch. But wait, there’s more! If you really want to up your game and capture as many emails as possible, you need content upgrades. They’re the #1 way Sumo have grown their email list (see video below): A content upgrade is exactly what it sounds like — an upgrade to your site’s content. It could be a PDF download, a checklist, a worksheet, use case, how-to guide — the list goes on. However, your readers need to submit their email to get access to it. For example, the content upgrade to this guide is our

Why an Email List Adds Resale

list building swipe file with five real-life examples of Shopify stores using these strategies to grow their list. Screenshot showing a swipe file Of course, this assumes you’re albanian email address already using content marketing. If you’re not, then you should seriously consider starting a blog. It’s one of the best ways to grow your organic, social, AND paid traffic. And of course more sales, too. But if you’re NOT able to start a blog? You can still use content upgrades on your category pages. To give you an example of this, take the Designer Paint Store. They have a few sentences on their category page above their selection of paints.

Value to Your Small Business

Screenshot showing where to put a content upgrade CTA To capture emails of potential customers. Who might otherwise leave, they could put a content upgrade on this page, such as. How to choose the perfect paint color for any room A 10-point checklist to painting a room A step-by-step guide to DIY painting. Then, from that upgrade, the company could nurture their list to help subscribers eventually buy the paint that’s right for them.

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