I use focus on digital products in your Shopify store, you can apply the concepts to other ecommerce platforms. I also assume you’ve created a digital product, and vadpor you’re ready to upload it to your store. Depending on the digital upsells you make, the tools and processes to add them to your store will vary slightly. We’ll go through each product type in turn and explain how to start upselling these products today. SELLING DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Shopify’s Digital Downloads app makes it easy to add digital product sales to your A quick note: while the examples.

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And physical products, set download limits as needed. And automatically send customers a direct download link to their files after purchase. Screenshot showing the Shopify dashboard While there are some benefits to choosing a platform built for digital products vadpor the Shopify app should be more than enough to get you started. SELLING ONLINE COURSES For selling online courses, unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t provide a great experience. Shopify has no native app to courses, forcing you to piece together You can bundle digital.

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party plugins for things like email automation and digital downloads to achieve the same result as an integrated solution. Even if you put together something that works, the learning experience for customers isn’t great. Delivering individual videos, slides, and PDF files add the burden of understanding where to begin for your customers. It makes it harder for your customers to get results from the course material — and without results, the material doesn’t do much good. Using a dedicated online course platform makes it easy to create, sell, and manage your course in one placemultiple third-.

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