And if you haven’t yet experimented with free shipping, here’s another reason to give it some serious consideration. Of the people who abandoned carts, 28% of them cited the shipping costs. So we know free shipping is incredibly important for many customers and if you offer free shipping, you should definitely promote it wherever you can. For example, Billabong features free shipping front and center on its website: Screenshot showing a top bar. And Under Armour mentions free shipping at the top of its email campaigns: Screenshot showing a top bar. Think about your pricing and shipping models when evaluating your offer.

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A few ways to make free shipping cost-effective without shipping every product for free include. Free shipping for sales of a certain value: zakelijke emailadressen kopen or add another product and receive free shipping. Often, it’s a no-brainer for customers. Time-sensitive offers: Encourage sales by offering free shipping for a limited time. This can be great for big events or highly competitive times like the holidays when every business is trying to stand out. Once you’ve done the math and figured out how free shipping fits with your business model, it couldn’t be easier to implement

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On your site — use Sumo’s Increase Average Order Value Shortcut. Here’s how Fusionary Formulas uses it to offer free shipping for orders over $50. Screenshot showing a top bar As soon as your visitor’s order goes above $50, Sumo automatically adds free shipping to the cart. You can try it for free on your store by clicking the button below. Viral giveaways are a great way to market your ecommerce business, grow your email list, and even make sales. Running a giveaway is pretty simple: Decide on the goal of your giveaway

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