Cold sensitization has moved faster in the past two years than ever before. And we can probably expect big changes in 2022. But what exactly will they be? How should you approach cold awareness in 2022? What new channels should you test? What should you double down on? We reached out to some of our favorite cold sensitization experts to gather their insights. Here’s what we discovered. The video broadcast will be more personalized and Croatia Phone Number interactive Video is already table stakes in cold outreach, but making your videos more personalized and interactive will be the name of the game in 2022.

Robots Will Make You More Human

AI will be more prevalent in 2022. But don’t worry, business friends. The AI ​​is not here to take your job. He’s there to help with menial tasks that take you away from more strategic work. According to Leslie Venetz, “The question is, how can we use AI to allow our sales people to spend the majority of their time on meaningful strategic activities?” The bots are there so you can focus on the human aspects of cold awareness while the AI ​​tackles the repetitive tasks you shouldn’t waste your time on.

Physical Interrupts Will Give

Email Database

We are becoming more and more digital as a society (even more so now that Omicron is spreading). We tend to jump from screen to screen. So it makes sense that most cold outreach activities attempt to capture attention digitally. But much of cold outreach in 2022 will cut through digital noise with physical interruptions like direct mail. “The physical will work very well,” says Thibaut Souyris. “Send some sort of physical gift into your mix.” “I also love handwritten notes,” says Leslie Venetz.

And direct mail has proven itself. According to data from, email delivery with gifts attached gets an average open rate of 63%, a click-through rate of 83%, and a gift acceptance rate of 92%. And conversions are multiplied by 3 when you integrate offline components into sales and marketing cadences.


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