As long as the right circumstances are given. In order to request capitalization, the person must unemployment benefit. Have at least 3 months available to receive (6 months in the case of beneficiaries due to cessation of activity). It is also essential that the person who is requesting. Unemployment capitalization has not received any other form of single payment in the. 4 years immediately prior to the request for unemployment capitalization. Also keep in mind that you will need to have a feasible business plan. On hand at the time you apply. The reason for this is because you will need to start. Your business once you receive the single payment of the capitalization of unemployment.

Once the single payment has been received. You will have a maximum period of 1 month to start the activity and provide evidence. And documents that support the use of the requested investment. In the case of starting a new venture as a freelancer, you have to consider. That you must first apply before starting any activity. Free guide: 9 products that are trending. And you can sell online today Are you still thinking about what things are easily sold online? There are products that sell better than others. With these that we suggest today you have success (almost) assured. Once you make the request, and before you receive the payment, you can start the request. For the one-time payment and even register with Social Security.

Be A Beneficiary Paraguay phone number Of A Contributory

Of unemployment cover if I want to start Paraguay phone number a business? One of the main doubts that usually exists when requesting. The capitalization of unemployment, is the amount that it covers in relation to the enterprise. This will directly depend on how you plan to use the requested one-time payment. And the amount needed Regarding this point, there are various situations that may arise. If you start as a self-employed In the event that your new venture is autonomous. The following situations may occur: You can receive the necessary (and justified) amount to start the activity in a single payment. This amount is limited to 100% of your benefits. In the event that you do not receive.

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100% of what corresponds to you in a single payment, you can also request the remainder to pay for payments aimed at Social Security contributions. Finally, you can request 100% of the benefits exclusively for the payment of monthly Social Security contributions. Another important fact that you should know is that you can use the single payment to cover the expenses involved in establishing a commercial entity, including the payment of taxes and fees necessary to establish your company. Almost all the expenses directed to the establishment of your company apply as justification to request 100% of the single payment of your benefits. Of course, keep in mind that there are some restrictions.

What Does Paraguay phone number  The Capitalization?

One of them is that the training and education courses, as well as the advice of third parties, can only justify 15% of the payment , so they do not apply to request 100% of it. Having said that, your best alternative is to wait to apply before starting to make any type of investment , as this will make it much easier for you to justify 100% of your one-time payment, if you wish. Start or grow your business with a Shopify Expert In Mexico we have an ecosystem of partners that can help you create your store, grow your sales or migrate your business from another platform. Click on the link below and meet them. Plus you have significant discounts! If it is undertaken as a partner in a cooperative In case you want to undertake as a working partner.

Or with a stable job character within a newly established cooperative or an existing one, you can choose one of these alternatives: Receive a percentage of your benefits that corresponds to the amount exclusively necessary to pay the entry fee, including mandatory and voluntary contributions that are accredited. Receive all of your benefits to pay the monthly installments corresponding to Social Security. Receive all of your benefits to pay both the entrance fee and the monthly installments corresponding to Social Security. This last alternative is only possible if after paying the money destined to pay the entry fee, the obligatory and voluntary contributions, there is still some percentage to be received .



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