YOUR JOB: MAKE IT EASY FOR INTERESTED VISITORS TO CONNECT WITH YOU AND LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS. Some ways of doing this Bermuda Email Lists include: Offering an email newsletter or free course teaching people about your products and the problems or Bermuda Email Lists pain points they solve. Creating a content upgrade, such as a free eBook, a product sample, Bermuda Email Lists or a checklist to help your visitors solve their problem. Engaging with your followers on social media by messaging them, tagging them, and responding to their comments. One store that does this extremely well is EVELO.

Subscribers From Free

They sell electric bikes and offer multiple ways for interested buyers to learn more. Such as an electric bike buyers guide… Screenshot showing an opt-in form for an Bermuda Email Lists electric bike buyer. Or through a free online fit consultation to get an instant recommendation  Bermuda Email Lists  Screenshot showing three different bikes on a store ACTION ITEM. CREATE YOUR FIRST Bermuda Email Lists CONTENT UPGRADE If you’ve been following along, you have some informational content in the works (or at least an idea to create some in the future). Next, you should add your very own content upgrade to your article getting the highest amount of traffic! To do that, check out Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

Content Into Paid Content

Screenshot showing google Bermuda Email Lists analytics stats Some content upgrade ideas include. Book Checklist Worksheet How-to Guide Buyer’s Guide Spreadsheet Sticking to our “What to wear on a hike and still look cute” example. I might create a PDF with “cute hiking outfits Bermuda Email Lists celebrities wear”. (I’m a dude, cut me some slack!) To offer a PDF download, Bermuda Email Lists you obviously have to make it first. I like to use Google Docs, since it’s easy to collaborate on, free, and can be saved as a PDF. Once you’ve made your upgrade and saved the PDF, simply upload it to your website. In WordPress, you can add it as a media file.

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