Online store owners are aware of how important marketing and developing a strong web presence is. In this way, they create their businesses on the Internet. Invest in advertising campaigns and carry out email marketing sequences. To attract and capture customers. All of this is fantastic. But if you look at their blogs, you’ll notice that many of them. Especially B2C (business to consumer) sites, don’t have a blog or content marketing strategy . Have concrete goals. What do you want to achieve with your blog? The ideal is to focus on attracting readers through search engines. And social networks, building a relationship with them in order to generate sales. Strengthen your brand. Blogs can be used not only to consolidate your brand but also to promote its positioning.

Blogs give you a voice and you can take advantage of storytelling to connect. With users and make your brand stand out. To be consistent. If you can only post one article per month, no problem. But make sure you spend time posting once a month on a regular basis. Into these typical mistakes: Being an exaggerated sales pitch. People have come to your site to see your products. If they want more information about what you sell, they will go to your product pages, not your blog, although your blog articles may refer them there. Limit yourself to product photos. No matter how in-demand your products are, you shouldn’t have blog posts that are limited to images. Even the most well-known photography bloggers who focus on images often complement their photos with written storytelling to create context and emotional connection.

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The diversity of the content you publish can help Azerbaijan phone number you attract various types of readers. But everything should be framed in the meeting point between your products and the needs of your audience. Everything should be perceived as connected to your brand and organized into categories that you consistently contribute to. 8 examples of well-managed online store blogs Au Lit Fine Linens Press’s Squeeze Magazine VineBox BarkBox BioLite Energy BestSelf HarperWilde Sole Bicycles Brands that can engage an audience through education, inspiration, or entertainment can often capitalize on blogging in one way or another. But ultimately, you will have to discover a way to make a blog that works for you, as these 8 ecommerce businesses have done. 1. Au Lit Fine Linens Au Lit Fine Linens Au Lit Fine Linens sells all the essentials for a restful night’s sleep.

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His blog in English follows this same trend, offering useful articles that talk about how his readers can improve their quality of sleep. Your products solve a specific problem. And his blog revolves around doubts related to this problem. This content is directly relevant to both your target audience and your products, which is an immediate advantage, because it means that users who click and read are already, in a way, motivated to buy. Do you have a business idea?Email address This blog also uses a technique that almost every other ecommerce business could adopt. Such as ” what size duvet is right for my bed “. This is an exact phrase that users may be searching for and they have an article on the topic.

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What size duvet is right for my bed? The first thing this article does is provide information, answer the question in detail, and explain what to do if, for example, you have a mattress with an extra padded top layer. Then, in a tone that feels helpful rather than intrusive, they list their best-selling quilts in the size in question in a single line. By treating the topic as a suggestion, it is conveyed as a practical resource rather than a selling proposition, and users will be much more receptive to clicking and buying. duvets size → After all, if users are trying to figure out what size duvet is right for their bed, they are most likely interested in buying one. In addition, her blog contains other valuable elements, such as houseplants for a good night’s sleep and a gift guide for Mother’s Day.

They strike the ideal balance between promotional and useful , so that when a link to a product appears, it seems more like a recommendation from a friend than a sales pitch. In addition, they offer a second blog that is located in the “Tips and Suggestions” section , which presents content intended to guide users in their purchase decisions. Content may overlap between this section and your main blog. However, by giving this content its own destination, they will be able to focus on helping potential customers make informed purchasing decisions; after all, the bed is a key part of your life. Second alternative blog If you want to implement this strategy, Shopify allows you to have multiple blogs in your store.

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