They collected emails of people who would be interested in their product, and they did it all in under 3 months. Here’s where most of the emails came from: Trinidad and Tobago Email List  Viral giveaway (1,755 emails) Content upgrades (509 emails) Facebook ads (172 emails) Personal outreach (150 emails) I’m going to let Cathryn fill us in on EXACTLY how she Trinidad and Tobago Email List built the list using each of the above marketing activities. She’ll also talk about all the other marketing secrets behind her wildly successful Kickstarter marketing campaign.

Campaigns With Three

Take it away, Cathryn. Over the past year my accountability partner Allen and I have been developing a system for reliably hitting all of our goals. When we showed the system to friends, they wanted to use it too, so we decided to turn it into a product and launch it on Kickstarter. It became the a 13-week system for tracking and achieving your goals on a macro and micro level. Screenshot showing a full journal We knew we had a great product, but there was one challenge: we needed to somehow grow an email list from scratch in a few months so that we had an audience to launch our Kickstarter to.

Effective List Building Tips

WHY BUILD AN EMAIL LIST FOR LAUNCHING A PRODUCT  The first 48 hours on Kickstarter are crucial since this is when the first jolt of backers will pledge money to your campaign. Once you show Kickstarter that people dig your project, their algorithm will do it’s thing, and you’ll show up under popular projects and perhaps even the first page. On the front page if you don’t have that initial surge of sales, and the best way to get that initial surge is to build a list of people who can’t wait to get it.

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