Though you use high-quality images. A big mistake is to put important text into an image, like a headline. That prevents Google from reading that text. Most of the time, it doesn’t look good and it distracts users who use a screen reader. Screenshot showing problems in sharing text in images If you morocco cell phone numbers really have to, though. I don’t recommend it, make sure the text comes up again in the content or caption, somewhere near the image (like in the screenshot above). Or you use CSS to place and style the headline in the image. CSS has become very powerful in the recent

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so much that you can even code games in CSS! Hence, you can solve most styling issues with CSS. For example, sometimes you want to do something visual with morocco cell phone numbers content, like giving a headline a cool style. The easy way to do that is to just create a graphic for the headline but the right way is to do it with CSS. Screenshot showing HTML code for a page TIP #15: DON’T FORGET GIFS! We spoke about GIFs in the context of good image file formats, but they’re often forgotten as a workaround when you can’t find a good image because they help illustrate a point.

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for analogies are a great way to make your audience remember concepts. The same applies to GIF: use animations to stress a point, like this. Screenshot showing a GIF on an article Don’t overdo it; at a certain point it’s annoying, but using a couple of GIFs in an article can loosen it up. GIFs morocco cell phone numbers have become a means of communication, similar to emojis, and are legit to use. Of course, there are cases in which they appear foolish, like when writing about serious topics. TIP #16: A/B TEST IMAGES IN ADS AND USE THE LESSONS FOR SEO Finding the right image isn’t easy.

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