There are hundreds of types of digital products you could create across dozens of different subjects. All digital products, though, tend to fall into one of three main categories: 1. DOWNLOADS Downloadable digital products include things like master guides, courses, ebooks, workbooks, templates — even things like stock video or audio. They’re often straightforward to make and easy to sell at an affordable price — and once you’ve created the digital product, you can sell an infinite number of copies without

Using Media Buys to Build a

additional work. Digital downloads are a great option for stores selling physical products since they add value to what your customer is purchasing. Not sure what to sell? iran phone number sample Traeger Grills offers an Everyday Cookbook to make it easier for their customers to get grilling as soon as their new product arrives.[*] Screenshot showing a book product page Sell complementary ebooks your customers would be. Keeping your online course simple — both the content and the design

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interested in. Jay Robb’s customers purchasing their protein powder are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. So an ebook like The Shake Down Diet is the perfect digital upsell.[*] Screenshot showing a product page 2. COURSES Courses can be immensely profitable for physical product makers, as they teach customers how to get more out of purchases they’re already making. You can also sell a course as a stand-alone product, adding a low-cost, high-margin product to your store. A note on the “low-cost” part: it is

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