Here’s the same data, but this time with CPC, Conversion Rate, and AOV separated out. Table showing different stats for a website Here’s the key to liste vorwahlen deutschland csv understanding why ROAS can be best over the week before BFCM. Our best-performing brands (who blew these averages away) released their BFCM Bundle Offer the week before BFCM. But waited to release the BFCM Sitewide Offer until Black Friday. That works, first, because it’s close enough to BFCM that if the offer really is good, people are ready to buy. So not only are the AOVs high before the CPCs are at their peak,

Build Your Opt-in List

But the BFCM conversion rate spike starts early there too. A great BFCM Sitewide Offer + peak buying time + underpriced traffic + AOV-focused BFCM Bundle Offer = big-time paid traffic profitability. But you don’t just win that week. You win on the weekend, too. And that’s the second  liste vorwahlen deutschland csv  reason it is so effective. The coming BFCM weekend guarantees the big delayed attribution multiplier we discussed earlier. Look again at the third week of November on this graph: Graph showing delayed attribution multiplier in 2017 This is what really pushes this strategy over the edge.

Why List Building is Important For Your

By running your BFCM Bundle Offer in advance of the BFCM Sitewide Offer. You are priming your customers to come back a second time on the BFCM liste vorwahlen deutschland csv weekend itself. So even if none of your bundles appeal to the customer, you’re still top of mind for them to check back in just a few more days. I’m going to recap this here because I don’t want you to miss it. The liste vorwahlen deutschland csv strategy works like this. Drive traffic for three weeks leading up to BFCM, ideally to a BFCM Gift Guide that features your upcoming offers. Drive as much traffic as possible to your BFCM Bundle Offer landing page to drive up AOV the week before BFCM (see example below).

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