Gender breakdown. facebook page fan demographic Pro Tip: Couple your personal demographic information with all social network demographic information to see if there are more networks where you could benefit. Where Are Your Facebook Users? As companies and social media sites go global. the idea of geo-targeting has become very popular. Distributing different content to Facebook audience members in different locations is something that great Facebook marketers should always be considering. In the same

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Demographics tab that you found your demographic information. scroll down to see where your audience is located and the average # of people reached in each country. image of facebook page demographics Figure out where your customers are located and target those locations with Georgia Phone Numbers relevant content. You could also try to target the locations that you don’t see in order to build more brand awareness in areas that lack it. When Should You Post to Facebook? Most social media marketers are fascinated with finding the best day for them to post to Facebook. There are several studies and recommendations of the best time to post on

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Facebook. Our own research showed that afternoons tend to generate the most engagement. However. it’s very much dependent on your business and audience. Best times to post on Facebook Global 2022 In order to figure this out definitively. analyze your Facebook Publishing Behavior report in Sprout. If you have a limited amount of content or don’t like posting every day of the week. use this information to pick and choose the best days to get your audience to share your posts. 6. What to Do After Checking Page & Post

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Data Every social media presence is different. so what works for one company may not work for another. Besides. it would be very easy for potential customers to pick up on copycat behavior and get turned off by it. Using the insights from your Facebook analysis. you can determine what types of content to publish and when. And with Sprout. you can schedule posts in advance. and get immediate analytics that show you how your posts are performing. 4 Facebook Analytics tools you can still use


The demise of Facebook Analytics didn’t have a sweeping impact on marketing intelligence. That’s because other tools—both within and outside of Facebook—deliver many similar functions. You can still gather important user metrics and manage your Facebook and Instagram profiles with the following platforms and analytics tools: Meta Business Suite meta business suite showing facebook analytics Meta Business Suite (also known as Business Manager) is a free tool companies can use to manage

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